Jeruma is the mononym for Dutch vocalist, songwriter and producer Jeruma Arnold.

Starting to play keys at the tender age of 8, singing was always Jeruma’s favourite thing to do. His hometown, Rotterdam had a very strong urban music scene and this influenced him greatly. He loved Hiphop, but always felt more of a producer and vocalist. Getting acquainted with that era’s incarnation of soul music through artists like D’Angelo, Bilal, Maxwell and Raphael Saadiq was an epiphany and sparked his desire to create his own music. Investigating their musical heritage he (re)discovered and fell for classical soul like Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, Al Green and Curtis Mayfield. Realising however, that he needed to occupy his own space, he started exploring Folk music and found that the honesty and intimacy of confessional songwriting combined very well with his vibey and deep grooving instrumental backdrop. Nowadays he likes to be inspired by current music, still trying to write real songs, while never losing sight of the groove.

Late 2018, the new single ‘Limitless Love’ is the start of more new music to come!.

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